Validating personal details

Identity Verification Process (KYC):

As a company, we pride ourselves on the integrity and transparency of our business. It is a legal requirement of the forthcoming Gambling Act 2005 and part of the Memorandum of Understanding we have in place with the different sporting bodies that we are able to positively identify our customers and in particular confirm that they are over 18. This process helps us provide our best service, and ensures minimal disruptions to your betting. Our processes are the best in the gaming industry and we pride ourselves on the recognition we have received by being made Socially Responsible Operator of the Year 2005 & 2006 at the E gaming awards.

Please be aware that until your identity has been verified you will be restricted in your use of the Australian Licence Wallet and you will have your commission discount capped at 20%. Both of these restrictions can be quickly removed by following the details below to complete this quick and easy process.

The policy and processes vary from country to country and between the rules for corporate accounts and rules for betting on Australian markets.

How Do I Confirm My Age?

You can confirm your age by logging into the Betfair site and going to My Account where you will be able to use our age verification module to confirm your age. Other Methods of Age verification.

We ask that you confirm your age as a minimum requirement. In order to gain full access to all available Betfair products and services, please consider completing a full identity check (KYC).

How Do I Complete The Identity Verification Process (KYC)?

Please choose your region from the options below to ensure you are verified correctly.

Australian Licence Wallet

We recommend that you complete this identity verification process as soon as possible to avoid restrictions on using your Australian wallet. These restrictions include:
- You will only be allowed to deposit a maximum of USD$300 per month (or the equivalent in the currency on your account) for a 3 month period after funding the wallet.
- You will not be able to transfer any funds out of the Australian wallet. This includes the transfer of funds from your Australian wallet to another Betfair wallet.
- Your Australian wallet will be suspended after 3 months if you have not undergone an Identity Verification Process (KYC) check, and the funds will be frozen in the account.
- Your Australian wallet will be closed and all funds sent to the Tasmanian State Government in Australia if the account has not been identity checked within 2 years. You will then have to contact that Government in order to get your money back. The Tasma

Be Pro-Active - Verify Your Identity

You do not have to wait to be asked to complete the process. We encourage customers to do this in order for you to benefit from being able to access the complete range of Betfair products once your details have been verified. We hope that you find this variety of methods to complete this process helpful. But if you do have any questions please email us at r&