Depositing and Withdrawing Funds

a) Payment Cards

Types of card accepted

Betfair accepts Visa and MasterCard branded cards from a range of countries and debit cards (Visa-Delta, Switch, Solo, Electron and Lasercard) from the UK and Ireland. We currently accept cards from the following countries:

Australia Austria Belgium
Brazil Bulgaria Canada
Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Egypt Finland
France Germany Gibraltar
Greece Hungary Iceland
Ireland Israel Italy
Liechtenstein Luxembourg Macau
Malaysia Malta Netherlands
New Zealand Norway Poland
Portugal Saudi Arabia Singapore
Slovakia Slovenia South Africa
South Korea Spain Sweden
Switzerland Taiwan Ukraine
United Kingdom Russia

Registering your card

To get to the Account Overview screen, select "Account Funds" under "My Account" on the Betfair homepage. Click on "My Card Details" to see card details/add a new card. You may register up to 3 cards on your account (only one within the first 24 hours). Click on "Add Card Details" to add a new card and enter the required information. When you register a new card, you must give the card a nickname. This makes using the card easier and more secure.

Making a card deposit

Click on "Deposit" at the top of our homepage or "Deposit Funds" on the Account Overview screen. Simply select the card you wish to use from the drop-down list, enter the amount you wish to deposit. You will need to have your card with you to enter the security number from the back of the card - we do not store it and cannot process your transaction without it. Then enter your password to complete the process. Your funds will be available as soon as the transaction is authorised.

Security code or CVV2

Your Security Code is a 3 digit number found on the back of your card written over the signature strip. It is also known as the CVV2, which stands for Card Verification Value 2, and often follows the last digits of your card number.

The CVV2 number helps to identify your card and protect you from fraud. It is not stored anywhere on our website.

Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

Betfair participates in the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode initiatives (together known as 3-D Secure) which aim to improve security across the web. If your card issuer is enrolled, you may be asked to provide a personal password or further identity information to your card issuer when you make a deposit.

Learn more about the benefits of Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

Making a card withdrawal

You may withdraw all or part of your money from your account at any time as long as it is not already committed to bets. The maximum amount you can withdraw is called your 'Available to Withdraw Balance'. If you withdraw all your money your account will still remain open for future use.

You can withdraw money to any of your registered payment cards, but only to a card which has made a successful deposit with Betfair. In addition, your total withdrawals on each registered card must be equal to, or greater than, your total deposits before you can withdraw your 'additional winnings'. There is no fee for withdrawals back to a payment card.

You may withdraw any amount to your Visa card subject to Visa's limit of US$5,000 per day.


Due to a recent (2002) change in MasterCard policy you are no longer able to withdraw your funds back to your registered MasterCard. As a result, your card must be 'validated' before you can withdraw your winnings by cheque or bank transfer - this is shown by Y (validated) or N (not validated) below your card. Your card is validated automatically several months after your first deposit, or manually when you send proof of card ownership.

Unregistering your card

You only need to unregister a card if and wish to add another in its place and you can only unregister a card if you have made a successful deposit with that card, and you have withdrawn to that card at least the amount deposited.

In exceptional circumstances we are able to unregister a card on your behalf (for example if your card has been lost or stolen); however proof of card ownership may be required. Please contact our helpdesk for further information.

Non UK MasterCards

You may fund your account using a non-UK MasterCard but cannot withdraw money back to the card. This is a rule imposed by MasterCard. You may withdraw money via any of the other methods on the site (cheque, bank transfer etc.) but we will require proof of card ownership before allowing any withdrawals. Once we have received this proof, your card will be validated and you will be able to withdraw freely.


Betfair offers better odds to its users then traditional bookmakers and one of the ways we achieve this is by passing on the cost of processing transactions. Where fees are charged, this will be shown when you process the transaction.

Security Information

Betfair understands people's concerns about sending personal information, including payment card details, over the internet and have spent significant time considering the best technology for our users. We have chosen DataCash, the UK's leading provider of e-commerce payment solutions, to be our payments partner in order to provide the highest level of security for online transactions.

All personal information passed between you and Betfair is encrypted using the SSL mechanism built into your browser. This includes all personal details submitted on the registration form as well as your payment card details. Encryption technology ensures that even if someone was able to monitor the traffic between you and Betfair's server, they would not be able to read it. Your details are stored on a secure server and card details are encrypted.

When you make a deposit or withdrawal by card, an on-line check is carried out with Betfair's acquiring bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland. All information passed between Betfair and The Royal Bank of Scotland is again encrypted. In line with card scheme rules, we do not store the security number from your card.

Betfair possesses a BT TrustWise Secure Server Certificate, also called a Secure Server ID, indicating that Betfair can communicate securely with any user using Microsoft Internet Explorer. This acts as an easily-recognisable stamp of authenticity and security on the Betfair site. Your browser will display a gold padlock in the status bar whenever you are using encrypted transmission.

Despite any sites security measures, it is still important for you to maintain up to date anti-virus and firewall software to ensure that there is no risk of compromise of data entered or stored on your computer.

b) Cheque

You may deposit and withdraw by cheque in any currency (subject to satisfying the rules for card deposits) and there is normally no charge for doing this. However, please note that clearing times can vary considerably depending on the country you live in and the bank you use.

c) Bank Transfer

You may deposit and withdraw by bank transfer using Betfair's network of accounts. You will be shown the account most suitable to you depending on your country and currency used but may select another from a list

Withdrawals by Electronic Bank Transfer normally reach your bank within 2 to 3 working days but the exact clearing time can vary depending on your bank/country. To reflect Betfair's own charges, a withdrawal fee may be charged. Any fee will be shown when you request the withdrawal.

d) Moneybookers

Moneybookers is an e-payment wallet solution that enables you to transfer funds into a 'virtual' account, via local bank transfers or cheque, and then transfer funds to your Betfair account. Moneybookers has bank accounts in over 20 countries into which you can transfer money quickly and cheaply.Click here for more information.

e) PayPal

PayPal is an e-payment wallet solution that allows payments and money transfers to be made online.

NOTE: Customers who use a MasterCard credit card to pay via PayPal may find problems making deposits. If the problem depositing via PayPal persists, please register your card in My Card Details and deposit directly into Betfair.

You can trust Betfair with your card details as Betfair is fully card scheme compliant (Payments Card Industry Data Security Standard Level 1 Compliant ) and uses a Verisign Class 3 Secure Server.

f) Western Union

The Western UnionĀ® Quick PaySM service gives you the opportunity to electronically send payments directly to us from over 130 countries around the globe. It's quick and easy. All you need to do is visit a participating Western Union service location with the cash you wish to deposit plus a small fee. You will need to fill out a blue form* (see end for instructions) with the company name and code details provided below:

Company Name Company Code Currency
Sporting Exchange BETFAIR.UK GBP
Sporting Exchange BFAIREUROPE.OE EUR
Sporting Exchange BTFRUS.UI USD
Sporting Exchange HKBETFAIR.WK HKD
Sporting Exchange SEBETF.UK SEK
Sporting Exchange BFSGD.XQ SGD

To make sure that the money reaches your account as quickly as possible, it is very important that you enter your Betfair Username in the Reference Number box. You may also enter your email address as an extra check. In order to find your nearest Western Union agent please click here.

Please Note- you must only send funds in the currency of your Betfair account.

Important Information- For your 1st Western Union deposit, we will require the following documentation before your funds can be applied to your Betfair account -

  • Proof of ID ( passport, drivers licence or id book)
  • Proof of address ( copy of recent utility bill or bank/card statement)

These documents can be faxed to: 00 44 208 834 8011, or emailed Your Betfair account will be credited with your funds once these documents have been received.

Please note:the above is a requirement for your 1st Western Union deposit only, and forms part of our standard checks for customer verification. This documentation will not be required should it already have been provided.

Blue Form*

You will be requested to provide the following information on the Western Union form,

Pay To:
Company Name:Sporting Exchange
Company Code:(Fill in exact code provided above as per your Betfair account currency)
Country:United Kingdom

Your details:Fill in your full name, address and phone number in the spaces provided.
Account Number/Reference Number:fill in your Betfair username in both of these fields. Failing to provide your username may result in a delay in your funds being credited to your Betfair Account.

Once you have made your payment, we shall endeavour to credit your Betfair account with your funds as quickly as possible. Should your account not have been credited within 24hrs of the deposit, please contact our Helpdesk for assistance, ensuring you provide full details of your payment.

In order to find your nearest Western Union agent please click here

Please Note- you must only send funds in the currency of your Betfair account.

g) How do I withdraw funds that are in my Australian wallet?

Only funds in your UK wallet may be withdrawn from your Betfair account. To withdraw funds in your Australian wallet, you must first transfer the desired amount (up to and including your total Australia wallet balance) to your UK wallet. You can then withdraw the funds from your Betfair account via your UK wallet.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to withdraw any funds from your Australian wallet, you will need to have passed our customer validation requirements.