Validating personal details

UK Customers

In order for us to comply with legal requirements and therefore continue to deliver a socially responsible and secure service to our customers, it is necessary to verify personal details submitted to us upon registration of Betfair accounts.

The process you will be asked to complete is dependent on your Betfair activity and could be for one of the following reasons:

- Lack of sufficient information upon registration
- Reaching certain activity levels
- Placing a bet on Australian markets

How Do I Complete The Identity Verification Process (KYC)?

To complete this process you can choose either of two methods:

1. UK Post Office Check
2. Hard Copy Document check

Please see the information below for more details:

UK Post Office Identity Verification Service:

1. Print out the form and fill in your personal details as registered on your Betfair account.
Click here to download a copy of the account application form

2. Take the form, along with your identification documents, to any Post Office branch. If you would like help in finding your nearest
Post Office branch, please visit

3. The UK Post Office will verify your identity on the spot and send the completed form to Betfair.

4. When Betfair receives the completed and signed form from the UK Post Office we will verify your account and the process will be complete.

Hard Copy Document Procedure:

As the final step in our attempts to process your application, when it is deemed that other methods are unsuitable, we will ask that

you send us a photocopy or scan of one document from each of the categories listed below:

1) Personal Identification - one Photo ID from the following list:
- Passport,
- Driving Licence,
- National Identification Card (photographic),
- Citizenship Certificate

2) Address Verification - one of the following:
- Utility Bill (less than 3 months old)
- Tax Bill
- Copy of Bank Statement - (less than 3 months old)

3) Source of Payment Verification - one of the following:
- Betfair account registered Credit or Debit Card (front only)
- Copy of Credit or Debit Card account statement of a Betfair registered card (less than 3 months old)
- Copy of bank statement - must have Betfair transaction or card number visible on it (less than 3 months old)

Please note:

All documents must be certified as true copies of the originals by a professionally qualified community figure.

Documents can be certified by any professionally qualified person or equivalent such as:
- A lawyer / solicitor
- An accountant / bank manager
- A town clerk or civil servant (including police, fire or military officers)
- A doctor / dentist / pharmacist
- A teacher or professor

Each document must be signed individually by this certifier, who must put their name, signature and rank/title. They must certify that the document that they have seen is the original.

Please DO NOT send in original documents to be certified by the Betfair Staff.

Should you wish to avoid this and you live in the UK or Australia, the Post Office will accept and certify your documents and send their details to Betfair. This will enable you to be certified without having to send us the copied documents yourself, full details of this service can be found on our help pages.

Please be aware:
- The documents must be clear and legible and have all your usernames or telephone account ID on all documents. If this is not the case processing time may be longer and may result in temporary account suspension.
- Use the highest resolution available on your fax machine (recommended resolution supported by most machines: 'Photo').
- Please send scans in JPEG or GIF file formats only with a maximum size of 10MB per page.
- For your personal security please blank out all digits except for the last four of the account and card numbers, leaving the start and expiry date visible.
- Please send documents that state your residential address. Regrettably documents addressed to a PO Box number are unacceptable for validation.

You can send these documents via one of the following methods:

- By fax
UK: 0208 834 8011
International: +44208 834 8011

- By E-mail

- By Post
Verification Team
Hammersmith Embankment
Chancellors Road
W6 9HP
United Kingdom

We also have two processes that run without too much intervention from you - should we need more details from you we may need to contact you.

As part of our Australian Licence there is a condition that in order for any customer to place a bet on an Australian market or event, a customer must have completed our verification procedure within 90 days of first depositing into their Australian licence wallet. If you are an existing Betfair customer who we have not yet been able to verify we will attempt to verify your details via the methods above or, depending upon how much information we have on your account, you may be asked to complete the following process:

Address Validation Procedure:

1. We will send you a letter with a unique code

2. You will then need to send the code back to us with a copy of some identity and age identification via one of the following:
- Post - in the pre-paid envelope provided
- Email -

If you have any questions, please contact the verification team by one of the following:
- Fax: 0208 834 8011
- Email: r&

Electronic Identity Verification Procedure:

Upon funding your Betfair account, or at a point selected by us your personal details will be run automatically through an identity verification product called URU. This product supplied by our trusted partners at GB Group checks the name, address and date of birth details entered during registration against multiple data sources to confirm the validity of the information. More information is available on the GB Group website. If you do not pass this process we may ask you to complete one of the other processes.

Common reasons for failing the verification process include:
- Entering incorrect name or an abbreviated version during registration.
- Failure to enter a house number and/or postcode during registration.
- Entering an incorrect Date of Birth during registration.
- Recent changes of address.
- Residence in temporary, rented accommodation such as University Halls of Residence or HM Forces Barracks.

In order to maximise your chances of completing the verification and allowing us to give you access to the full range of Betfair products, please ensure that the details that you enter are complete, correct and not abbreviated.

Should your details fail to be verified during this initial check, we will load a message on your account to explain this and request more information from you in order to assist us in verifying your personal details.

This request could take the form of asking you to confirm and update the information you have already supplied or to supply us with additional information selected from the following list:

Personal Identification Information:
- Your first name and surname (as they appear on your passport).
- Your Betfair username.
- Your UK Passport Number (please include all of the numbers on the bottom line of the passport - this should be a 28 digit long number and small 2 digit check number)
- Your UK Driving Licence Number (the 18 digit code on the photo card and the 5 digit code located next to your address on the paper counterpart)

Address Information:
- Your current address (which must include postcode and house number)
- Your previous address (which must include postcode and house number)

These details should be emailed to r&

If we are still unable to verify your account details after multiple attempts at electronic verification or if you have reached a high discount rate status you will be loaded with a message that requests that you complete the simple identity check process with our trusted partners at the UK Post Office.

Be Pro-Active - Verify Your Identity

We encourage customers to actively complete the verification process in order to give yourself access to the full range of Betfair markets and discounts.

You do not have to wait to be asked to complete the process - you can complete either the UK Post Office check or hard copy document procedure at any time. We encourage customers to do this in order for you to benefit from being able to access the complete range of Betfair products once your details have been verified.

We hope that you find this variety of methods to complete this process helpful. But if you do have any questions please email us at r&