Validating personal details

New identity verification service for all Australian customers

Betfair is working with Australia Post to make your identity verification process more convenient.

We are required to verify the identity of all new Australian customers within 90 days. This can now be completed using the Australia Post Account Application form. It is a simple 100-point identity check.

Click here to download a copy of the account application form

While we complete the verification of your account details please remember you can still:
- Deposit funds
- Bet on international events

Once your account has been verified you are able to request withdrawals and bet on Betfairs full range of Australian and international markets.

To verify your account

1. Print out the form and fill in your personal details as registered on your Betfair account. If you are unable to print the attached form then please contact and we will send you a copy by post.
2. Take the form, along with your identification documents, to any Australia Post branch - to find your local branch go to
3. Australia Post will verify your identity on the spot and send the completed form to Betfair. You will not be charged for this service and you will not be required to leave any documents with Australia Post.
4. When Betfair receives the completed and signed form from Australia Post we will verify your account. (This process will normally be completed by the end of the next business day.)

To view the documents that can be used in our account validation process please see Section E of the Australia post form.

If you have any further questions or require additional information please contact us at: